It Starts With Us Reviews

"It Starts With Us" Review: An Unflinching Sequel That Resonates with Hope and Healing

"It Starts With Us" by Colleen Hoover is the much-awaited sequel that delves deeper into the complex tapestry of love, resilience, abuse, and the poignant journey towards self-discovery. This novel continues the compelling narrative from where the "It Ends With Us" left us hanging and craving for resolution.

Prelude to the Review

Before diving into the articulate ocean of "It Starts With Us," let us reminisce on the predecessor, "It Ends With Us." The book left a gaping desire for more; to know what happens to Lily, to Atlas, and how their beautifully flawed world progresses. This sequel has been anticipated, critiqued, and adorned by readers worldwide, becoming a significant discussion on platforms like BookTok and beyond.

The Essence of "It Starts With Us"

The core of this narrative is about beginning anew, about the aftermath one must weather through post triumphs and tribulations. Colleen Hoover, with her signature emotive storytelling, crafts a sequel that doesn't simply ride on the coattails of its forerunner but stands firmly on its own.

Character Development and Dual POV

  • Lily Bloom's Continual Evolution: The protagonist's journey in "It Starts With Us" is both intriguing and grounded. Lily's strength and vulnerabilities are laid bare, painting a realistic portrayal of a survivor's life after abuse.
  • Atlas Corrigan - The Depth Unveiled: Secondary characters, particularly Atlas, are given more substantial backgrounds, inviting us to understand their psyche and empathize with their choices.

Themes Explored

  • The Intricacies of Relationships: Relationships are at the helm of this book's exploration, examining love's nuances, both romantic and parental, in stark, raw clarity.
  • Abuse and Recovery: A central topic that Hoover handles delicately, providing insight into the struggles and the painstaking process of healing.
  • Co-parenting Dynamics: The book provides a genuine depiction of co-parenting, especially after an abusive relationship, and discusses how life doesn't always sever the ties cleanly.

My Personal Take

  • Emotional Resonance: "It Starts With Us" struck a chord with me, as Colleen Hoover manages to evoke a spectrum of emotions, guiding readers through Lily and Atlas's journey with compassion and sincerity.
  • Authenticity in Storytelling: Hoover's genuine storytelling further cements her status as a powerhouse author. Her handling of tender subject matter is nothing short of masterful.
  • Pacing and Closure: The progression of the story unfolds in a way that provides a gratifying sense of closure. As someone invested in these characters, I appreciated the gradual development of events leading up to a fulfilling conclusion.

Decisive Moments

  • Lily's Growth: Witnessing Lily's evolution from a survivor to an architect of her own happiness is empowering.
  • Atlas's Love: The slow burn romance rekindled between Lily and Atlas is painted in hopeful hues, serving as the centerpiece of this narrative.

Should You Read It?

In a bold and straight-to-the-point assertion: Yes. "It Starts With Us" is a transformative sequel that doesn't just exist for the sake of continuation but enriches the narrative established in "It Ends With Us." This book is recommended for those who desire depth, authenticity, and a story that embraces the messiness of life with open arms.

In conclusion, "It Starts With Us" is a testament to Colleen Hoover's ability to weave complicated emotions into a tapestry that readers can both admire and, in many ways, relate to. It is a novel that promises catharsis, challenges traditional notions of love, and champions the idea that sometimes, the hardest beginnings can lead to the most fulfilling endings.